UPDATE: Amy has been picked up by over 100 radio stations worldwide, BBC Radio being the biggest. So far Amy has had plays in Michigan, Chicago, New Mexico, Alabama, Norfolk UK and the Netherlands. These are just a few cities and countries that are playing Amy up to this point. When the team gets new radio stations updates we will be sure to tell you.  Please feel free to request Amy at your local radio stations and visit her Facebook page for more info on news, shows etc. Congratulations Amy, keep up the great work!

Radio Stations Playing Amy:

1. BBC Radio Norfolk http://www.bbc.co.uk/radionorfolk

2. Upper Michigan Radio http://www.greatlakesradio.org

3. The Country Club http://thecountryclub.webklik.nl/page/the-country-club

4. WLUW 88.7-FM http://wluw.org/station/show/razor-and-die-show/

5. KHCS 1400 AM http://gpkmedia.com/about-kchs-radio/